Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig

Hundred-year old vines.

Kerry and I drove home via Coonawarra and somehow picked two glorious days to do it. Weather was delightful all the way. We did stop overnight in Coonawarra and make the odd purchase or two. It was a lovely way to end my month in Adelaide.

Sculptures made from vine prunings at Di Georgios

Thought this made an interesting nest but it had sagged. Below is the picture taken lying down looking into the sky.

Can you see the bees? The bush was fair buzzing...

The view from our motel room door


Life's a poem said...

Fantastic that Kerry could come with you and drive home and those bonus sunny days look wonderful! Love the grape vine sculptures.

Claire said...

It was a lovely transition Lorraine.

Anonymous said...

Your photos (collectively) are exquisite, Claire. Inspirational writing material. :)

Claire said...

Thanks Kat. :)

Janeen said...

Hi Claire,
so glad you organised the Coonawarra weather! Great photos and what sounds like a wonderful transition home. Janeen

Claire said...

Hi Janeen,

Thanks. It was a wonderful transition. Kerry couldn't believe how flat the wine country was. He expected hills. :)