Monday, 17 January 2011

Royal Botanic Gardens

I met some friends in the gardens for lunch today. It was mild and beautiful and we had a lovely relaxed time together. But I arrived early (intentionally) and took some pics.

These are dahlias, but with dark foliage.

Almost heart-shaped.

The spikes are, I suppose, intended to say "Keep Away". But if the spiders got the memo, they ignored it.

Little pagodas. No that's not what they're called, but that's what they look like.

If you look closely at this one, the tight flowerbuds look just like popcorn about to burst.

Pineapple trees these are not, but again, they could be...

Now this is symetry.

I love these with the leaves appearing to have been skewered by the branches. They look like caterpillars made in kindergarden, with discs strung on a string.

Past their prime, but these ecchinacea are still gorgeous.

This is what a drift is supposed to look like...

Does anyone remember a tv program from the early 70's...english...with a dog called Dougall who was all but hidden under his long coat? This looks like a Dougall family reunion to me.

Red dahlia with the same dark foliage

Looking out from the Rose Pavilion

Ceiling of the Rose Pavilion.


Leonie said...

gorgeous pics claire! gardens are just amazing all round this year.

Claire said...

thanks Leonie. Yes, they were amazing. Really should get there more often...

jen storer said...

Beautiful gardens, claire. And yes how can one forget The Magic Roundabout? jx

Life's a poem said...

Claire the top photo reminds me of Richmond park in London- the hose/cottage is so very English. Love the pics.

Life's a poem said...