Monday, 4 April 2011

Bag lady

That's what I've become...and I'm loving it!

This is a modern interpretation of a very traditional bag, the Papua New Guinean bilum. This one comes to me directly from near Mt Hagen, in the PNG Highlands.

This one hasn't travelled as far but is made using vintage and recycled fabrics. A gorgeous thing.

And this is my new city bag...the one I take to the city when I'm headed for the State Library researching. It's big enough for an A4 note pad, and smells leather leather leather. And it's green! yay


Life's a poem said...

So green is your colour! Love the bags- very essential. What a great post.

Leonie said...

A fabulous collection. Every girl needs a good selectoion of bags.

Claire said...

Green, red, orange...all my colours :)

Claire said...

'tis true Leonie, a bag for all seasons, all reasons.