Monday, 11 April 2011

It's Autumn

I had to collect my son from Riddells Creek today . It's colder in Riddells than it is in my part of Melbourne and the reds of the autumn trees are so much more intense.

A Nandina, in full red coat.




No red here, but if you click on the photo you'll see the stone steps underneath...steps to the troll's house?


Corinne Fenton said...

Stunning colours and stunning photos Claire. You are getting better and better.

Claire said...

Thanks Corinne. :)

jen storer said...

Riddells Creek is one of the coldest little towns in Vic.But they make the best donuts at that little bakery. Nothing better than hot sugary donuts when you're frozen and grumpy! jx

Life's a poem said...

Love the steps- got an idea for that? And photos are fantastic- you'd love the blossom trees in London at this same time!

Claire said...

Woodend is colder Jen! (says she who lived there for 18 months). We had truffles from the bakery and they weren't half bad!

Claire said...

Not yet, Lorraine, but I'm sure something will come in time. Yes, London would be very pretty just now. Maybe next year, I'll be there taking photos. Nice to dream.