Sunday, 24 April 2011

Shh don't tell

We've found a new park for picnicking in. It's so close to the city that you can walk there, but it seems that no one much knows about it. Well, not today anyway. The car park was empty and we had our pick of tables. Just as well really, as we table-hopped out of and into the sunny spots.

There's a very well groomed baseball field nearby. And there were quite a few bikes travelling through. The small pond/lake was abundant in all manner of reeds and the birds who hide within.

But it was perfect for a picnic. So perfect, that we're thinking of hosting Christmas lunch there this year.

Works for Boules too.


Anonymous said...

It looks idyllic, Claire.
Want to give a clue where it is?
You said that you can walk to the CBD, but think you may be a marathon walker. Is it near Port Melbourne way or Richmond?
A curious Alison

Claire said...

It was CuriousAlison! It would be a decent walk, I grant you. Not near Port Melbourne, although there are some great parks there (have you been to Westgate Park?) Not Richmond way either.

Think NNW...