Friday, 21 October 2011

For my friend and her family

Yesterday I signed the books
of rambunctious boys
and skittish girls
spilling with life
happy in their today
secure in their tomorrow

Today I signed a guest book
at a water-washed funeral
saw a face that smiles no more
tried not to see a flower-laden coffin
said goodbye for the last time

The Funeral
The clouds float
at half-sky today.

Low as the sky
we say goodbye
then laugh with people
we’ve not seen for years.

It reminds us
that happy and sad
are closeknit kin
and that it is good
that tomorrow
is shrouded.


Janeen said...

Beautiful poems, Claire. love Janeen

Thaliak said...

Wow. They're both beautiful, but Autograph really hit me. Lovely poems, Claire.

Claire said...

Thanks Janeen.

Claire said...

Thanks Thalia