Monday, 20 July 2015

Willy morning

It was a tad cool this morning, for Melbourne, close to 0 deg C where I live. Of course this is the morning I had to have my car at the mechanics at opening, before any cafes had set out their welcome signs. I went for a walk.

I'm not sure who tilted the horizon, but I'm sure those ships sailing towards the heads were grateful.

The city and southeast was looking a little reluctant to start the day.

... and there was frost on the seaweed!

It was glorious to be there. The tide was low and hardly even lapping the beach. There were ducks waddling through low-tide ponds. There was a sign that suggested that humans were welcome to walk unattached or on the end of a leash.

By the time I returned to the mechanics to collect my bags and seek out a cafe to work in, I was warm and restored. Love the sea.

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