Monday, 16 May 2016

Life is a mosaic, and then you dance

Can you spot the bird? 

I spent the weekend (well the days of) here at the home of Deborah Halpern, fabulous sculptor and ceramicist, and leader of our two day workshop on mosaics. I was familiar with some of her work before I knew her name.

This is her (and our) workshop. (the yellow top bin gives you some sense of its size.

Each of us would conceive, plan, build and complete a 60 x 60 cm mosaic piece.

Lunchtimes we had to suffer in this boring, non-stimulating environment. Are you feeling my pain?

There was nothing to look at.

Nah, can't keep going. As if being deep in the bush wasn't stimulation enough, the garden and surrounds were full of Deborah's work.

And did we work? Oh, yes we did. All day and into the night. But we finished! All seven of us. Below are pics of the finished works. Can you guess which is mine?


Oops, forgot to get a post-grout pic of this one, but how gorgeous is it? 


Marjory Gardner said...

I am sooooo envious, Clare! I've been a fan of her work forever. Which one was yours? I am guessing the sun one!

Claire said...

It was so much fun, Marjory. I can imagine you there. You are of course on the money with your guess! Well done.

Anonymous said...

Well - I was guessing the sun... or the blue eye/fish one. Because blue seems to fit with your writing, for some reason. Looks like an inspiring fun workshop, Claire.

Claire said...

Thanks Kat. I love the notion that my writing fits with blue. It was a wonderful weekend, spent with two gorgeous girls.