Thursday, 14 October 2010


After the cooking class and sumptuous feast, a walk was a good idea. Sunday morning we took the dog for a walk along the coast at Williamstown. This is the other side of the headland from the city shots I've taken before. Being Spring, there were nesting birds everywhere.

These pigface flowers were easily 7 cm across

Even the low tide beach was full of colour.

These Australian White Ibis were noisily nesting. At first I thought the dusky colour ones were almost grown young, but apparently the young have black neck feathers, so perhaps the young are still hatching inside the nests.

I think the nests are actually inside this mound, out of sight.

Public art/street signs.

No idea what these are, but the bees like them.


jen storer said...

As I child I could never accept that those pretty little flowers were called 'pigface'! jx

Claire said...

They seem too pretty, don't they? Wonder where the name came from?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, Claire. I recently spotted some of those strange purple flowers in a park in Sydney. Never seen them before in my life.

Claire said...

Thanks Sue. I looked up the's an echium. They're all about the place at the moment!